How To Use Transportation Management System To Enhance Your Logistics Business?

The transport management system easily integrates with your current software and controls all your operational tasks. This supports you in the order and purchasing management and in inventories as well. You can also handle the client and suppliers management systems with this software. This combination allows you to execute everything more effectively.

The TMS management services helps you a lot with providing more accurates route schedules which saves your drivers time. Transport management software is an aid to your accounting tasks. This automated software helps you in the record keeping process and saves your valuable time. It helps your company to go green and do paper- less work. This software provides you error less data entry. It results in more accurate results and decreases the risk of human mistakes.

Through transport management system you can monitor your shipment and the driver on real time basis. It allows you to track the driver behaviour, speed and work breaks live. This helps to make your driver work more carefully and efficiently. You can also keep a check on the fuel purchase location and acceleration frequency. This helps in reducing the overall expense on the fuel.

TMS offers you to monitor the lifespan of the orders on real time basis. You can get the correct figures for the inventory which enhances the supply chain management system. The routing is one of the crucial tasks in transport industry. The best TMS empowers the truckers to implement the goods by pool distribution system. This is the best process for cheap and quick delivery. Here the user selects the pick and drop stop for the shipments .

A transport management system is an effective tool for every transport company to remain updated with this rapidly changing market. This software acts as a bridge between the user and staff. It results in lessening your company cost and increasing sales and profits.

Functions of Transportation Management System

  • TMS is an aid for the trucking companies as it handles all the administrative tasks as well. The transport management is very complicated. It includes vast paperwork and auditing. This tool is very competent in handling the administration works. It helps in the record keeping and error-free documentation.
  • The transport management system supports you in billing and payments. It ensures you by providing accurate invoices. The lading invoices are also very important for the customs. TMS is also very efficient in managing and handling other typical tasks of report- keeping. It keeps detailed information regarding the dispatch, in-transit and delivery history for current and future references.
  • This automated transport software helps in the calculation of cost and tax as well. The highway use tax is imposed on the carriers who generally run their automobiles on the New York highway road. This tax is calculated on the basis of total miles driven on NY state highways by the current rate of tax. This tax is excluded from the toll paid tax. The rate of the tax depends upon the weight of your vehicle. It is also based on the method that you select to return your tax.
  • The NY highway use tax certificate is applicable on all the heavy duty vehicles . It includes trucks, tractors and buses. It is very easy to apply this tax online and you can get temporary permit within one business hour. The original decal will be provided via email. You have to file your HUT on quarterly basis. Once you have selected the method of paying your HUT, you are not allowed to change the method again. The carriers have to use that particular method for all of his vehicles.
  • You can choose any method like gross weight, straight line, heaviest or unloaded weight method. The reduced tax rates are also applicable on specific vehicles. If you have only few trucks you are eligible for the reduced tax rate under NY highway use tax.

Benefits of Transportation Management System

TMS also allows you to track and monitor the deliveries on real time basis. You can easily trace the live locations and the dispatch history with automated transportation dispatch software.

      • The trucking dispatch software quickly calculates your driver pay automatically for each load. You can also edit, delete and fix the details of your driver easily. This software is also efficient in detecting the extra amount given to the driver for fuel expenses.
      • This software is so amazing that you can find data by just entering the few letters. It will provide you the relevant information list in zero seconds. The fleet management software allows you to manage and coordinate the commercial vehicles from a centralized channel. This controls the whole fleet functions and makes them work sleekly. This enhances the performance of your vehicle and offers compliance with the regulations.
      • The vehicle management software offers you to computerized fleet reports. This also improves the fuel and safety measures of your vehicle. An effective transport management system helps you alot in difficulties like drivers inavailability. The TMS offers you new delivery capabilities. It allows you to set pool distribution and inbound activities within your company. This is a positive approach in saving cost and increasing productivity.
      • TMS assures you with the on time deliveries to your clients with correct forecasting. This allows you to centralize all the data in one place which is easily accessible in any device. The transport management system makes you technologically advanced. You can even know who is behind the wheels.
      • It empowers you to track the location of fuel purchase and amount as well. TMS has made the shipping experience more visible and quick.

The Future of Transport Management System

  • This automated software will offer better visibility and clarity by offering more communication options for users and customers. TMS will also enhance the reporting system as well. It can help to track the performance and other custom reports.
  • TMS will be on a very high demand in future for its more improved and efficient traits for trucking businesses. These expanded features will be the ability to compare the price of various carrier modes. Another feature is the real time tracking with GPS system.

Better Recommendations :

TMS will quickly plan the delivery route which will empower the truckers. Imagine a software for freight brokers that will directly interact with the customer and provides them all the relevant details. It could be related to their product delivery or invoice issue. It will provide a solution to their query. It could assist the driver with suggesting them the alternative roads for fast delivery.

Digital Assistance and Chat Features :

After few years, TMS will be capable to give better and more accurate recommendations. The logistics management software is looking for more probable solutions. The use of artificial intelligence will be an aid to it. This will lead to digital assistance and chat feature in it. It will be more efficient in handling the customer queries and providing them with the best solution.

Accurate Predictions :

The transport management system will provide more accurate predictions. This will help the drivers with exact predictions of any obstacle on the route. It will also suggest shortcuts and safe roads to reach the destinations. This will also calculate the fuel cost needed for the trip and will help in reducing the extra fuel expenses as well. All this will bring a tremendous change in the future of transport industry. It would minimize the overall cost and will build a connect between the old and new generation.

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