What Is Fleet Management? Everything You Should Know

Managing a transportation company or a company that is required to operate a large fleet of vehicles can be a very difficult task. The process of handling the fleet effectively is called fleet management. Fleet management helps the managers to increase and enhance the utilization of the available resources to the fullest and thus making it cost-effective. Therefore, fleet managers with the help of truck management system and technology, are able to increase the efficiency of the fleet. In this way, they can also make it safer for drivers and increase profits simultaneously. 

Why Do We Need Fleet Management?

The organizations which use large fleets of vehicles face many challenges in their day to day work. To overcome these challenges, they need effective fleet management. The possible challenges or problems are discussed in detail below.


Maintenance can be a hard task if it involves a large fleet. You have to keep a record of all the past problems and the services done to rectify them. A daily walk around checks, inspections, and regular inspections are all part of this process. Therefore, you need fleet management software to keep a hold on to these tasks. 

To Ensure the Safety of the Drivers

This is the most difficult part to ensure. The fleet manager has to make sure drivers are not fatigued by driving non-stop for too many hours. And if an accident does occur, it is his job to make sure all the paperwork is done properly. A fleet software can help him in this task. The software can assist him in tracking the drivers and maintaining the driving logs. This is done with the help of cameras or some other gadgets installed in the vehicles. The fleet management program also keeps a record of all the required documents and certifications. This ensures that you don’t waste time looking for them, whenever a need arises.

Risk Management

The vehicle inspection, inspection reports, insurance, and other paperwork are needed to be updated regularly and to maintain their complete record. This is a huge challenge for fleet managers. In the case of some misfortune, you need to make sure you have complete information. This can save some valuable time in processing claims. 

Fleet and vehicle regulations keep changing from time to time. It can be very difficult to keep a track of them. But to reduce the risk of compliance negligence, the manager needs a good logistics system for fleet management. 

Managing the Cost

Managing the cost is very important in this ultra-competitive nature of the business. The fleet managers need to come up with ways to save costs on fuel, new vehicle purchases, and other various areas to save the cost for the owners of the company. 

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Data Handling

Running a fleet can generate a tremendous amount of data that is to be kept in record. Some of it is important while some are useless. You not only have to make sure to get rid of the useless data but also have to make certain that the important one is not lost in the process. The fleet management software can manage this for you and help you find the important data and keep it in the record for you. Therefore in time of need, you have all the right data and not the unnecessary one with you. 

Fleet Management Software

It requires some small gadgets to be installed on the onboard port of the vehicle, which sends live information to the base of the company. Most of the time installation is very simple and does not require a mechanic. This device records live location, speed, distance covered by the vehicle, harsh driving, resting time, and sends the live feed to the base. There are huge benefits to using fleet management software. Let’s discuss some of them.

Customer Satisfaction

Fleet management software helps provide the correct ETA and live location of the customer’s assets. This will enhance the customer’s trust in the company. There is no better way for a better business than a satisfied and happy customer. 

Time Management

There is a lot of data that needs to be recorded in the fleet operation. Most of the data is not so important and can be repetitive. This software helps sort out the correct data and automatically record it. Therefore it saves a ton of time. Saving time means saving money for the company.

Increase in Profit

This software saves money and increases profit in a variety of different ways. This software stops the misuse of the vehicle by real-time tracking of the vehicle. This helps do more jobs with fewer vehicles, hence save resources and increase profitability. This tms software helps in preventing vehicle breakdown by keeping an eye on the potential maintenance problems. This ultimately stops fuel wastages too. 

More Safety

This software helps you find your bad drivers and keep a record of their mistakes and update you. That way you can easily send them to driving classes for more skill development. One bad driver can cost you very heavily by causing an unnecessary accident, which not only has financial implications but also can ruin the reputation of your good firm. The data from the camera on the dashboard can save you from a lot of litigation.


Fleet management software can help fleet managers communicate with the drivers without actually having to call them. This will save a ton of time and increase efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Software

It is the prime importance that you choose the right software for your company. You need to take a few key points into consideration before buying fleet management software. Research online about a variety of software and compare features and price-wise. Visit the transportation forums to find real people’s views about certain software. Finally don’t forget the demo before actually purchasing it. Fleet management software is the ultimate solution to your fleet-related problems. Just make sure you buy the right one and enjoy the multiple benefits of it.  

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